How Retreev’s Recovery Solutions Work

Instantly receive vital recovery information when your lost item is found. Our recovery products ensure you can always Retreev your lost property.

Easy to Setup. Easier to Return.

Each Retreev product has an NFC chip, QR code, a Unique ID, or a combination of the three.

Making it simple for anyone to return your lost belongings using their smartphone.

How to Set Up Retreev

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Step 1

Tap or Scan

Activate your tag by tapping the tag, scanning the QR code or entering the unique ID found on the tag into

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Step 2


Complete your personal details to be contactable when your item is found.

This only takes 1 minute.

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Step 3


Attach the tag to your bag or pet tag to your pet’s collar, stick the sticker on your item, and you’re good to go.

How to Return a Lost Item

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Step 1

Tap or Scan

Tap, scan or enter the unique ID of the Retreev product into using your smartphone.

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Step 2


Fill in the important recovery details so that the owner can contact you.

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Step 3


The owner can now easily contact you and make arrangements to Retreev their item.

Retreev protects your identity

Identity theft is rising, and old baggage tags or pet tags have your name, contact details and home address written in plain sight!

No personal details are displayed on your Retreev products.

Every product has a unique ID that is linked to a secure Retreev account.

Built to last

A Retreev Smart Tag ring can withstand more than 50kg/ 110lbs of force.

A Retreev Smart Sticker is made from durable, scratch-resistant vinyl and highly adhesive.

All Retreev products are engineered to stay in place, no matter what.

Go anywhere with confidence

Inside Retreev products are several proprietary technologies that all add up to making your item recovery smarter. NFC chip & QR code for easy login & update of personal details.

Why choose Retreev over a GPS Tracking device?

Know WHO has your item and easily arrange to get it back.
Only know where your item is. Not useful when the item is moving or in another country.
Attached to the outside of a bag. Easy to identify and spot.
Goes inside a bag. Not possible to identify the bag from the outside.
Multi-language. Travel anywhere in the world and anyone can help return a lost personal belonging.
Nobody but the GPS Tracker owner can locate the item.
No batteries. 1-year warranty.
Limited protection. Battery powered.
Integrated into the global airline ecosystem.
Certain airlines do not allow GPS trackers and batteries in luggage.
Finder can easily contact the owner of belongings they found.
No way for finder to contact the owner of the lost belongings they found.

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Instant Setup

Tap or scan your Retreev product to secure your belongings in seconds.

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No Subscription Fees, No Batteries

No monthly fees, no maintenance costs.

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Works on Anything

Tags for bags, stickers for tech and valuables, and pet tags for furry friends.

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Globally Recognised

By over 500 airlines and 2800+ airports.

Retreev protects your identity.

Identity theft is on the rise and old baggage tags or pet tags have your name, contact details and home address written in plain sight! No personal details are displayed on your Retreev product. Every product has a unique ID, that is linked to a secure Retreev account that protects your identity in our secure system.

People really like Retreev tags


A much smarter tag to keep track of my valuable luggage.

David M

I don't want my personal details written on my backpack, so this tag just makes sense.

Mary S

The nightmare of losing luggage is one I've experienced more than once. With Retreev, that's something I don't need to worry about anymore. Recommended

S. Mitchell

I'd much rather have these on my luggage while traveling than my name and address.

Martyn P
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