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Retreev TAG is a permanent ID

Built on proven technologies and strong partnerships retreev tags brings luggage into the 21st century. The retreev tag creates a permanent link between you and your luggage, simplifying its safe return in case it ever gets lost.

Built to last

Made of reinforced stainless steel, a Retreev ring can withstand more than 50kg/110lbs of force.

The metal ring and eyelet has also been engineered to keep the tag in place and attached to any bag, no matter what.

Travel smarter

Inside the retreev TAG are several proprietary technologies that all add up to making your luggage smarter. NFC chip & QR code for easy check in & update of personal details.

retreev - lost and found system

retreev creates a link between owners and their property, assigning unique codes to any item that needs to be protected from accidental loss. Powered by Travel Sentry ID and integrated into 2800 airports via the airline / airport tracing system World Tracer for easy recovery within the airport environment and also outside on the street, in fact anywhere. Your chances of being reunited with lost items are significantly improved when using retreev.

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