Lifetime Warranty

Retreev will always keep your contact details safe and secure.

Our physical Smart Tags, on the other hand, are naturally subject to wear and tear during use. For that reason we offer an incredible Lifetime Warranty, providing:

  • One free replacement Smart Tag in the first year after purchase
  • 50% discount on any replacement Smart Tags you buy after the first year – or after your first free replacement Tag has been used

We take pride in our unique self-service warranty process, which requires:

  • no paperwork
  • no proof of purchase
  • no proof of damage or loss
  • no limit to the number of replacement events

Replace your Tags at your own discretion, whenever you please.

Found a scratch on the Tag’s QR Code? Left your Tag behind at the hotel? Puppy chewed it off your bag? Don’t fret: just get a warranty replacement Smart Tag! You can get a replacement as many times as you deem necessary.

 Our simple replacement process:

  • Email
  • Quote the issue and UID1 of the Smart Tag to be replaced (include a photo if possible)
  • Add your new Tag to your existing Retreev profile

1 Your Retreev Tag’s unique ID number. It is a set of letters and numbers printed on the Tag, like XXXX-XXXX-XXXX